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Latvian Association of parapsychology and esoteric for 21 years working on the problems of predicting the evolutionary processes in the world. Existing work indicates handles the concept of development, the essence of which is this: The universe is a system, and our earth and civilization – a part of it. In the universe are one and the same laws in any part of the system, so the Macrocosm and Microcosm are interrelated, vzaimopronikaemy, and exist without the other can not. The system lives, because that moves. The main driver of development is binary, ie the struggle of opposites.


Unfortunately, the basis of our civilization is the method of trial and error, so throughout development, we always choose between revolution and evolution. In order to understand something, we need to make mistakes, to suffer and go through it to wisdom. Having originated in animals, we are by nature aggressive. To curb our aggression on Earth have been given religion.


Today, our civilization, having made yet another mistake in a technocratic path of development, is on the brink of global catastrophe.


Genetic engineering, creation of artificial intelligence and anti-matter, energy crystals for selfish purposes, the spiritual component of the decline of the individual, brought us to the threshold, which in its time was over the Atlantic civilization. Bringing our system in good order through the removal of the ozone protection of the Earth, the migration of the poles, the slope of the rotation of the Earth, climate and environment, migration of the moon.


Due to impending disasters one must adapt to evolutionary processes, in general, this is due to the inclusion of spare capacity in our body (the human brain works to date, only 7-10% of existing capacity). This process can be described as human transmutation. According to available data, the process of transmutation of man comes to the critical point. The body is forced to operate in unfavorable environmental conditions, to adapt to the increasing cosmic radiation, to improve the protection of the body’s energy to move to additional food sources of energy of the universe, to strengthen their capacities in clairvoyance, extrasensory, telepathy, levitation, telekinesis.


The human brain in the next 50 years should begin to function at the expense of its reserves by 10-20%, some change in the functioning of the digestive system, circulatory system, separation.


The changing of the universe requires a biorhythm sync with him and our civilization. The absence of resonance leads to the defeat of the immune system, mental disorders, cardiovascular disease, which is evidence of natural selection.


Unfortunately, we can say that the man radiates aggression is doomed to degradation in both the physical and the energy plan, ie the next round of evolutionary spiral will be allowed the most qualified individuals that have passed through the energy filter.


The system of self-organization, the Absolute, God gave a long religious program of development of our civilization. In the Bible, the Talmud, the Vedas, the Koran, etc., have long drawn attention to the man as a psychotronic generator powerful potential. But there comes a time when almost the entire program is executed. According to the Bible coming of Antichrist and Judgement Day are the real implications of the evolutionary plan. After Armageddon coming Golden Age, about which almost nothing is said. What and how will this happen? Where the program is to further the Millennium?


In the history of our civilization was Ark of Salvation – Noah’s Ark then – Moses. Evolutionary data arks mission accomplished, and there comes the third ARK – KNOWLEDGE. In our view, it is given to people over the preceding millennia. To keep it a secret until the due date, it is dispersed in parts in different regions and knowledge of our civilization. Information capsule for our civilization are stored, for example, in the Egyptian pyramids, Tarot cards, megaliths, etc.


Today, it is time not only to analyze all the available knowledge on earth, but also for its synthesis, which will move from an era of suffering and trial and error to the era of Wisdom and Knowledge. In this vein, and requires the synthesis of all religions, that is, it’s time to get ARK OF KNOWLEDGE.



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